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Open Data versus Privacy

The purpose of this first workshop was to engage with a broad audience on the topic of the changing nature of archival collections in the twenty-first century. Day 1 focused on open data versus privacy, and day 2 on the issue of access to born-digital archives.

Workshop 1 was organised by Annalina Caputo (Dublin City University).

Download Programme – AURA WORKSHOP 1

Outcome/ Impact

The number of people that attended the workshop was approximately 100 on day 1 and approximately 70 on day 2.

We conducted a survey after the workshop and received 46 responses. The majority of respondents were professionals from the GLAM sector (47%). The remaining respondents were mid-career/senior academics (24%), GLAM sector civil servants (19.05%), early career academics (14%) and Other civil servant/policy maker (2%).

Respondents found the workshop very useful (48%) and useful (50%).

  • 16 respondents praised the variety and range of the topics, presenters and/or presenter perspectives (‘The range of subject matter was really good’; ‘The diversity of the expertise and the topics and challenges discussed’ were cited among the best things about the workshop).
  • 8 respondents stated that the interdisciplinary nature of the workshop was one of the best things (‘Being able to see the different angles from which people were coming at digitisation’; ‘Hearing what others outside my discipline are doing.’
  • 6 respondents stated that learning about other people’s experiences and best practices in this area to be one of the best things about the workshop (‘Finding out what archives are doing in practice’; ‘Range of practical experiences / best practice’).

We also asked respondents: Will the workshop have an impact on your future work? Of the 39 respondents that answered this question 26 responded Yes (66%). For those that responded Yes there were 17 who stated that the impact was an increased knowledge to bring to their own work or research, 7 stated that it would increase the number of contacts that they could connect with and 2 did not give a reason.

Examples of comments include: ‘Yes, these sessions allow us all to see where institutions are at. What institutions grapple with, usually a common denominator for most and provide ideas and examples on how to approach, resolve or mitigate issues’; ‘Yes, I gained some valuable leads and connections and have come away with some future directions to explore and a lot of reading to do’; ‘It has provided me with additional contacts to consult in my research on best practices for managing born-digital archives.’


On-line event


16th to 17th November 2020

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